Hunting for Yield: Are Junk Bonds Worth the Extra Risk?

Searching for higher yields in a low interest rate environment. Are junk bonds worth the extra risk?

When the market dropped and interest rates went down, we went searching for yields… primarily in junk bonds. Our investment strategy for early retirement includes dedicating a portion of our portfolio to income-producing investments. These assets will provide a passive income stream that we’ll use to offset expenses in early retirement. We’re hoping this strategy…

Five Easy Ways We’re Investing in Real Estate

· Plus, one that's not as easy as it looks. ·

5 Easy Ways to Start Investing in Real Estate, and one way that's not as easy as it seems..

Do you want to start investing in real estate? I’m a little bit obsessed with it, myself. I spend way too much time searching for homes in cities that I don’t yet and may never live in (just planning for our future retirement). I was house-hacking before I knew that was a thing, have watched…

What’s a Good Estimated Market Return (Growth Rate) to Use?

· If you’re using a market growth rate of 10% or more, read this. ·

What's a good estimated market return rate to use?

I decided to write this post after seeing how many people across the personal finance community and social media are using an estimated market return of 10% in their illustrations and forecasts. If you’re one of those people; I promise that I’m not trying to pass judgment. However, I do want to make sure that…