Five Easy Ways We’re Investing in Real Estate

· Plus, one that's not as easy as it looks. ·

5 Easy Ways to Start Investing in Real Estate, and one way that's not as easy as it seems..

Do you want to start investing in real estate? I’m a little bit obsessed with it, myself. I spend way too much time searching for homes in cities that I don’t yet and may never live in (just planning for our future retirement). I was house-hacking before I knew that was a thing, have watched…

We Bought a Fixer Upper! Here’s How it’s Going

· Progress update and how much we’ve spent after 2 years of renovating ·

Master bathroom renovation of our fixer upperin progress.

Nearly two years ago, we took a risk and purchased a complete fixer upper! After moving across the country for Mr. RFL’s work, we realized the housing market in our new location was more expensive. So when we found a great deal on a fixer-upper in our desired neighborhood that had an open floor plan,…

We Just Refinanced Our Mortgage (for a Third Time in Two Years)!

· How much we’ll save and why you should consider a no cost refinance ·

We refinanced our home (for the third time in two years!). Read on to see how much we'll save, and how we were able to pay $0 for the first two refinances using a no cost refinance. Photo credit:

This post will cover why we’ve refinanced so many times, how we paid $0 for the first two through a no cost refinance, and how much we expect to save with our latest.   Refinancing your mortgage (the traditional viewpoint) How often is too often to refinance your mortgage? Well, since we just finished our…